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Write a note on the Telangana Movement.

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The Telangana movement is a movement based separate linguistic identities. It refers to a movement by the people to demand a separate state ‘Telangana’ from the existing state of Andhra Pradesh in India. It continued for about 60 years. The proposed state corresponds to the Telugu speaking portion of Hyderabad where the children were imparted education in Telgu and Urdu. After several years of people’s movement, the UPA government decided to bifurcate the state of Andhra Pradesh. On 7th February, 2014, the Union Cabinet passed a bill for creation of the state Telangana. As per the bill, Hyderabad will be the capital of Telangana while, it will also remain the capital of the remaining state of Andhra Pradesh. Thus, Telangana State came into being as a separate state on 2nd of June 2014. 

Causes of the Movement: 

• Money and resources diverted from here to the Andhra region. 

• Development of Andhra Pradesh at the cost of Telangana region. 

• Under developed and overdeveloped areas together posed a challenge for administration. 

• The backward tribal areas did not get their reightful share. 

E.g. 45% of the state income comes from Telangana region but only 28% is utilized for its development. 

• Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is in the Telangana District but water from this Dam is supplied to other areas and this area is worst drought hit area. 

• Building of dam has resulted in the loss of several hectares of lime stone mines which were the source of livelihood of the tdbals. 

Consequences of the Movement: 

• Formation of a new State. 

• All employees holding posts reserved for Telangana locals were transferred immediately. 

• The surplus resources will be put to use for the development of this region. 

• They were provided with educational facilities, jobs and proper budget allocation. 

• Water problem to be solved as soon as possible.

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