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Explain any five features of castes in India

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Following are the features of caste in India: 

Segmented division of the society which divides the society into different segments. The status of the person is determined not by wealth, but by the traditional importance of the caste which an individual has been bom into. 

The restrictions on feeding and social intercourse which help in preserving the ceremonial purity of the superior castes. 

Social and religious hierarchy, according to which the Brahmins are the most privileged group and the shudras are subjected to many kinds of social disabilities. 

The rule of Endogamy forbids the individuals to marry outside their caste or the subcaste. 

Restrictions on choice of occupation that an individual is expected to follow his caste based occupation. Brahmins are to work as priests and impart education and read the religious texts, the Kshatriyas are warriors who are supposed to protect others, the Vaishayas are traders and merchants and the Shudras are meant to carry out the menial jobs.

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