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What does gender bias imply ? Mention any four consequences of gender bias.

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Gender bias refers to the practice of discrimination on the basis of the gender of the person whether a male or a female. Gender is a socially constmcted term and it refers to the social role of the person as a male or a female. Though our constitution has strictly granted equal rights to all irrespective of the gender of the person, yet biasness prevails in our society. 

The consequence of gender bias can be as follows: 

Low sex ratio : As a male child is preferred over the female child, infanticide and female foeticide is still prevalent in our society resulting in a low sex ratio. 

Low female literacy ratio : The literacy level of the female in 2011 is 65.46% as compared to 82.14% for males. The statistics clearly indicates that investing on female education is considered as a wastage of money as it would not prove to be beneficial because she would go to her husband’s home. 

Gender wage differentials : The females earn 64% of what their male counterparts earn with the same occupation and with the same qualification and equal amount of job responsibilities. 

Domestic violence and dowry deaths : The females are exploited, verbally abused, beaten for satisfying the male ego. In extreme cases, the women are even killed for failing to fulfill the demands for dowry.

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