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Define mass media. Discuss various types of mass media.

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Mass Media refers to a technology that is intended to reach a large number of people. Its basic purpose is to convey the information to the general public. The popular mass media are newspaper, radio, television, internet, magazine, etc. People rely on mass media to draw information related to social issues, political issues, entertainment, economics, etc. 

The newspaper and magazine target to reach only literate people, while radio and television can reach all the people. In the recent past, with the invention of internet, people are now able to draw information immediately at the mere click of the mouse. Mass media plays a major role in forming the public opinion and in controlling the actions of the people. 

The various types of mass media are :

Traditional Media: It is most appropriate to term as mass media, because it relates to the minds and hearts of the local population. Performing arts, folk theaters like Yatra of West Bengal, Shumang Leela of Manipur, and puppetry etc. come under the horizon of the traditional media. 

Print Media: The print media includes newspapers, magazines, brochures, news¬letters, books and even leaflets and pamphlets. Visual media like photography can also be mentioned under this sub-head, since photography is an important mass media, which communicates via visual representations. 

Electronic Media: This mass media includes television and radio. This category also includes electronic media like movies, CD’s and DVDs as well as the new hottest electronic gadgets. 

New Media: Mobile phones, computers and internet are often referred to as the newage media. Internet has opened up several new opportunities for mass communication which include email, websites, blogging, Internet TV and many other mass media which are booming today.

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