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Functions of a family have undergone several changes in modern times. Discuss any five such changes.

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Following are the changes which have taken place in the functions of the family in the modem times : 

The significant function of a family from a production and consumption unit has changed. It has mainly become a consumption unit which uses the goods and services. 

The educational function of a family has been taken by the specialized agencies such as schools, colleges, etc. 

The health related functions such as the care of aged and sick people were once done at home; even the delivery of the child was done at home. Now these functions have been taken over by the specialized agencies such as hospitals and old age homes. 

The recreational function of a family through celebration of festivals and happy moments of life have also changed. The recreation has mainly become individualistic through movies, parks, etc. 

The family once performed religious function of acquainting the child with the family customs and religious rituals through idol worship, prayers and sanction. Today, however, more specialized agencies are involved in religious functions such as temple, religious events, television, etc.

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