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Make a comparative study between religion and science.

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Comparison between Religion and Science : Religion is incompatible with science and there is a continuous conflict between the two. While science is based on the evidence, religion is based on faith. According to science, all events occur due to natural causes while religion believes that behind every action there is some unseen supernatural or divine power. Science believes in what it sees and religion believes in what it believes. Science helps in solving the day to day problems by introducing new inventions. 

It is important to note that the dogmatic religion has always opposed science and interfered with its development .Religion also opposes free enquiry. Science though deals with more realistic objects, but it has also not solved all the problems of life. The importance of religion cannot be denied, where science fails religion brings hope. Religion is important as long as there is suffering in life. It helps to counteract the stress and strains of modern life. There is reconcilable difference between science and religion.

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