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Define the word ‘Education’. State any five main functions of education.

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Education : Education is derived from the Latin word e due are which means to bring up. Thus, education can be defined as the process through which the person is brought up, in order to develop in him/her those habits and abilities which help him/her to face the future in a worthwhile manner. 

Following are some of the functions of education: 

To complete the process of socialization : It is through education that a person learns to differentiate between right and wrong and learns basic human values. 

Transmission of cultural heritage : It is through education that culture is transmitted from one generation to another in the form of art, literature, text, religion and philosophy. 

Reformation of attitudes : Education helps in reformation of already framed attitudes, so that the child can develop right attitudes and beliefs. 

Occupational role : Education always has a utilitarian end and it enables the person to earn livelihood by doing a productive task. 

To instill a sense of competition : The function of education is to inculcate the sense of competition, so that the student can work hard in order to perform well.

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