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Contact with wider society has led to tribal transformation. Analyze the given statement.

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A ‘Contact with the wider society has led to tribal transformation’. This statement is true only to a little extent. The condition of the tribals inspite of modem means of education, science and technology, is same, pathetic and backward. Though a number of schemes and development programs are implemented for the welfare of the tribal, the results are still insignificant. On one hand, caste based inequity is still prevalent. On the other hand, tribal regions are simmering with discontent. 

Technological developments instead of helping them to march towards development are making them more deprived and are ravaging them with increased severity. The situation in some of the tribal areas is especially disturbing such as the demand for separate Bodo land. Their virtually forced displacement for the sake of so called development projects is making the condition worst for them, making them restless and insecure. 

Neither the reservation policy, nor the ban of untouchability has helped in betterment of their position and their situation is same over the years. They are still subject to exploitation and severe kind of discrimination. The reasons for their deprived condition are that mainly they are suspicious towards the development as they think it might lead to shattering of their identity and might snatch their linguistic unity and territorial uniqueness. Secondly, though several development programs are there for the welfare of the tribal, they are hardly aware about them due to their location in the remote areas, illiteracy, lack of means of communication and linguistic barrier. In fact the policies are used by the people of the creamy layer to fulfill their selfish motives. They misuse them by making fake identity claims through forged documents.

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