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Discuss the causes for the breaking of Joint families in India.

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India, as a country has been witnessing a steady decline in the joint family structure, not just in the cities, but also in rural areas. 

The shift has occurred due to the following reasons: 

Industrialization and Urbanization : 

The impact of industrialization and urbanization is felt everywhere. The movement of the people towards urban areas and industrial zones for better education and job opportunities has resulted in the disintegration of family from joint to nuclear. It has led to the preference for families that are smaller in size.

Westernisation : Migration of the young adults to urban centers and their adaptation of modern western – views in family life and structures have also caused a disintegration of the traditional joint family structures. The spirit of independence asserted by these young adults in terms of choice of career and spouse from other communities has added to the reasons for family disintegration. 

Level of education : There is a positive correlation between the level of education and the incidence of people’s mobility to urban centers and consequently a shift from joint family to nuclear family. Thus, education has greatly affected joint family ties. 

Spirit of individualism : It is one of the most important causes which has destroyed the joint family life. The individuals think of themselves rather than for the welfare of the members of whole family. It has also affected the authority structure of the family. 

Economic independence of women : Women today are becoming more independent financially .The education and employment opportunities are available for women as well as men. The economic independence has increased their status, but has also affected their attitude towards authority, structure and consequently their family life.

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