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Discuss the relationship between religion and morality.

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Religion is generally understood as a belief in supernatural things and beings. It is a belief system that explains supernatural spirit which is over and above everything else. 

Morality is often equated with moral code and is sometimes taken for those rules of behaviour which are admitted at large in society. In this sense, morality is equivalent to mores. Moral principles, ideas and notions are expressed in the form of set of values called morality. Morality has been a vital factor in all societies of the world, including the uncivilized, in controlling the social behaviour of man. Moral rules which prescribe the wrong or right are the very basis of our social life. Moral principles get the sanction of the society and strongly support the general system of values. Since moral ideas are inculcated into the minds of the children from the very beginning, they become habitual to obey them. 

Some important relationships between religion and morality can be listed as follows: Both religion and morality prescribe and control human behaviour. The prime objective of both religion and morality is to provide sound principles of action that will guide peoples’ way of thinking and behaving. 

Each religion has a code of conduct of its own which is very often based on moral values. In other words, religion is not devoid of human values. Human values, on the other hand, are intrinsically linked to religious precepts. So, the religious precepts and ethical standards go hand-in-hand. 

Moral standards draw their support from religion itself. Much of the moral practices of society are justified on the grounds of religious belief systems. Religion gives sufficient justification to existing social and moral practices. 

If the moral standards are addressed to man directly, the religious standards are addressed to him indirectly. So, the violation of moral codes have direct consequences whereas, the disobedience of religious codes have indirect consequences.

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