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Explain the role of social movements in society.

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Social movements are intrinsically related to social change. Social Movement reflects, the faith that people can collectively bring about or prevent social change, if they will dedicate themselves to the pursuit of a goal. 

The role of social movements in society must be viewed from the perspective of the functions they perform in the society: 

Social movements create social awareness : The social movements make people aware of the issues that affect their lives. Awareness is a key for the development of collective consciousness. It helps people to develop certain perspective towards the issues .

Social movements facilitate collective action : Social movements are rooted in collective action. People who join the movement feel the sense of collective responsibility to seek necessary changes for the good of the society. Collective action helps to develop a sense of unity and solidarity leading to progress and development. 

Social movements seek to transform unjust social structures and practices : Social movements seek to transform the existing social structures for the better. They fight against the structures of injustice, inequality, discrimination, etc. and thus, establish a new social order which is more conducive for human life and development.

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