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Discuss the role of education in creating social change ?

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Education is the most important factor for social change and development, because it is through education that people develop ideas, attitudes, behaviour patterns, skills and technological know-how, leading to social change and transformation. 

The role of education for social change can be analyzed as follows: 

Education helps to develop independent critical thinking and judgment: It is through education that the young minds develop the ability to think critically. They are able to look into various aspects of society more deeply and critically evaluate and make value judgement based on their own observations. Thus, it develops the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. 

Education reforms attitudes : Education , is a means through which people reform their attitudes concerning various social beliefs and practices. As a result, the old and the obsolete ideas are replaced by newer attitudes and beliefs. Thus, education leads to abolishment of social evils and practices leading to progress of society. 

Education generates ideas : It is through education that the new ideas are generated in the minds of people which lead to inventions, innovations, reformations, reorientation etc. Education results in improved vision, that govern the society and its well being, leading to development of new and improved tools for living life with ease. 

Education provides skills : Skills that are developed by people in every sphere of life owe their origin to education. Education prepares a person to adapt to new skills that will be essential in today’s life. The old skills are handed, down from generation to generation through the rigorous process of education. 

Education provides technological tools for development The invention of new technological tools in practically every aspect of life is engineered by education. The newer and more efficient technological tools are ever in want for the development and progress of any given society. Evolution of new and improved technologies has led to improved lifestyles. 

Education imparts values: The values of life based on equality and justice are constantly reinforced in society through the process of education. It is through education that people have become more aware of their rights and duties. As a result, the society has witnessed, the emergence of new social order, where individual rights have been safeguarded.

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