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Write a note on advertisement as a source of recruitment.

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Advertisement as a source of recruitment are as follows : 

Mass Reach: Through the medium of advertisement, the information can be sent to a large number of people. The people are made aware by the manufacturer about his product. For example, an advertisement in the newspaper gives information to lakhs of people. Similarly, an advertisement given by the manufacturer in a TV channel gives information about the product in every comer of the country. 

Enhancing customer satisfaction and confidence: Advertising creates confidence amongst prospective buyers as they feel more comfortable and assured about the quality of the product and hence feel more satisfied. 

Expressiveness: With the development in arts, computer designs advertising has developed into one of the most forceful medium of communication. The information with special effects make it very attractive which stimulates the potential buyer to buy the product. 

Economy : Advertising is a very economical means of communication because it reaches a very large number of people. So it is an economical technique as compared to other promotional techniques. Its cost per customer is very low.

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