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Briefly explain the composition and tenure of a Municipal Corporation.

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The urban local government which works for the development of any Metropolitan City with a population of more that! one million is known as the Municipal Corporation in India. The members of the Municipal Corporation are directly elected by the people and are called Councilors. The Municipal Corporation consists of a committee which includes a Mayor with Councilors. The Mayor heads the Municipal Corporation. The corporation remains under the charge of Municipal Commissioner. Each Municipal Corporation includes the following categories of members.

Directly elected members from the area of Municipal Corporation. The strength of the directly elected members depends upon the size of the population of the urban area,

Members of State Legislative Assembly, who represent the area of Municipal Corporation. 

Some reservation of seats is there in every Municipal Corporation for.

• Scheduled Castes, 

• Back ward Classes and 

• Women.

The ratio of seats reserved for Scheduled Castes is in proportion to the total population of Scheduled Castes in the Municipal Corporation area. In every Municipal Corporation, two seats are . reserved for Backward Classes. At least 1/3 of the seats reserved for Scheduled Castes are reserved for women belonging to Scheduled Castes. At least 1/3 of the seats to be filled by direct election in each Municipal Corporation are reserved for women (including the seats reserved for women belonging to Scheduled . Castes).

Tenure: Every Municipal Corporation has a term of 5 years and begins from the date of the first meeting. Elections take place after the expiry of the year’s term. If in the opinion of the government, a Municipal Corporation is not competent to perform its duties or persistently makes mistakes in the performance of duties imposed on it or exceeds any of its powers, the Government can dissolve such a Corporation before the expiry of its term. After dissolution of a Municipal Corporation, a new corporation has to be elected and constituted within six months.

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