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Discuss briefly four causes of regionalism in India.

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The Geographical Factors: Indian has great diversity in terms of its relief features. The resources. Industries, soil, irrigation etc., are not similar and therefore they also cause differences among the people.

Political Factors: The administrative policies and decisions as well as the developmental plans taken at the national level may not satisfy all people of the country and these people, who remain dissatisfied, may feel that their interest are not properly safeguarded and may result in regional feeling.

Economic Factors: In the present times, uneven developments in different parts of the country is a prime reason for regionalism. There are certain regions in the country where industrial development, educational and health facilities, communication-net work agricultural development has made sufficient progress as compared to others. Thus the feeling of regionalism develops due to negligence of the backward areas. Language culture, customs etc., these factors have played major role in creating the feelings of regionalism, especially among illiterates or less educated people.

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