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How can a meal be made economical through planning ?

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The money available decides what is purchased for the family. When the budget available per day is low, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of less-expensive food, which has high nutritive value.

Few points by which a meal is made economical are :

• Plan the meal for several days or at least for a week. 

• Make an accurate shopping list, including quantity and quality of goods you need, also check supplies in stock. 

• Purchase from market after comparing prices. 

• Seasonal food can be preferred as it is cheaper and has immediate nutritional value. 

• Choose food from each food group which has low cost but same nutritive value. 

• Avoid wastage of food, whether it is raw or cooked. It adversely affects the economy. 

• Avoid ‘impulsive buying’ as it is hazardous for your budget. 

• Meals cooked at home are cheaper, healthier and better than that brought from the market. 

• If possible, grow fruits and vegetables in your own garden. 

• Menu adjustment saves time, money and energy.

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