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What will be the minimum pressure required to compress 500 dm3 of air at 1 bar to 200 dm3 at 30°C? 

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Volume of gas(V1) = 500dm3   (given)

Pressure of gas (p1) = 1 bar    (given)

Volume of compressed gas (V2) = 200dm3  (given)

Now ,let P2 be the pressure required to compress the gas.

Therefore at constant temperature P1 V1 = P2 V2(Boyle’s Law)

As a result P2 = P1 V1 / V2 = 1 X 500/200 = 2.5 bar

Therefore, the minimum pressure required is 2.5 bar.

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Given, Initial pressure, 

p1 = 1 bar Initial volume, 

V1 = 500 dm3 Final volume, 

V2 = 200 dm3 Since the temperature remains constant, the final pressure (p2) can be calculated 

using Boyle’s law. 

According to Boyle’s law,

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