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What are polysaccharides ? How are they formed?

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Polysaccharides are complex polymeric carbohydrate structures, formed by polymerization of monomeric repeating units (either mono-or di-saccharides) joined together by glycosidic bonds. 

Example: starch, glycogen, etc. Polysaccharides are formed by enzyme catalyzed condensation reaction between any number of saccharide units.

Starch : It is the nutritional reservoir of plants. They are formed by the polymerisation/condensation of glucose molecules. Two types of starch are possible unbranched starch known as Amylase and branched starch known as Amylopectin. They actually differ in glycosidic linkage. 

Glycogen : It is the storage form of glucose in animals. Two chains of glucose molecules joined by an alpha-1, 4-glycosidic bonds are linked by an alpha-1. 6-glycosidic bond to create a branch point.

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