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What type of information is obtained from each of the following database.

(i) Taxonomy Browser 

(ii) PDB. 

(iii) GENSCAN 

(iv) PIR.

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(i) Taxonomy browser: This search tool provides taxonomic information on various species. The Taxonomy database of NCBI has information (including scientific and common names) about all organisms for which some sequence information is available (over 79,000 species).

The server provides genetic information and the taxonomic relationship of the species in question. Taxonomy has links with other servers of NCBI e.g., structure and PubMed.

(ii) PDB (Protein Data Bank) : This database has sequence of those protein whose 3-D structures are known. 

Source: NCBI-U.S.A.; EBI, UK.

(iii) Genscan is a notable example of Eukaryotic ab initio gene finders. Genscan is one of the best gene finding algorithms for sequence alignment and gene prediction. 

(iv) PIR is a non-redundant annotated protein sequence database, and analytical tools.

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