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A mixture of dihydrogen and dioxygen at one bar pressure contains 20% by weight of dihydrogen. Calculate the partial pressure of dihydrogen

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Let the weight of dihydrogen be 20 g and the weight of dioxygen be 80 g. 

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Pressure of the gas mixture = 1 bar

Let us consider 100g of the mixture

So ,mass of hydrogen in the mixture  = 20 g

& mass of oxygen in the mixture = 80 g

Using the respective molar masses, we get

  nH = 20/ 2  = 10 mol

. nO = 80 / 32 = 2.5 mol

Then, pH = XH x Ptotal

= (n/ nH + nO) x P total  

= (10 / 10 + 2.5 ) x  1 

= 0.8 bar

Hence, the partial pressure of dihydrogen is 0.8 bar.

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