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Write SQL commands for the queries (i) to (iv) and output for (v) to (viii) based on the tables ‘Watches’ and ‘Sale’ given below :



(i) To display all the details of those watches whose name ends with ‘Time’. 

(ii) To display watch’s name and price of those watches which have price range iii between 5000-15000. 

(iii) To display total quantity in store of Unisex type watches. 

(iv) To display watch name and their quantity sold in first quarter. 

(v) SELECT MAX(Price), MIN(Qty_Store) FROM Watches; 

(vi) SELECT Quarter, SUM(Qty_Sold) FROM Sale GROUP BY Quarter; 

(vii) SELECT Watch_Name, Price, Type FROM Watches w, Sale s WHERE w.Watchid!=s.Watchid;

(viii) SELECT Watch_Name, Qty_Store, SUM(Qty_Sold), Qty_Store SUM(Qty_Sold) "Stock" FROM Watches w, Sale s WHERE w.Watchid=s.Watchid GROUP BY s.Watchid;

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(i) SELECT *

FROM Watches

WHERE Watch_Name LIKE '%Time'; 

(ii) SELECT Watch_Name, Price FROM Watches WHERE Price BETWEEN 5000 AND 15000;

(iii) SELECT SUM(Qty_Store) FROM Watches WHERE Type LIKE 'Unisex';

(iv) SELECT Watch_Name, Qty_Sold FROM Watches W, Sale S WHERE W.Watchid=S.Watchid AND Quarter = 1;

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