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Rehaana Medicos Center has set-up its new center in Dubai. It has four buildings as shown in the diagram given below:

Distances between various buildings are as follows:

As a network expert, provide the best possible answer to the following queries: 

(i) Suggest a cable layout of connections between the buildings. 

(ii) Suggest the most suitable place (i.e. buildings) to house the server of this organization. 

(iii) Suggest the placement of the following device with justification: I. Repeater II. Hub/Switch 

(iv) Suggest a system (hardware/software) to prevent unauthorized access to or from the network.

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(i) Layout

(ii) The most suitable place/building to house the server of this organisation would be building Research Lab, as this building contains the maximum number of computers. 

(iii) I. Since the cabling distance between Accounts to Store is quite large, so a repeater would ideally be needed along their path to avoid loss of signals during the course of data flow in this route. II. Hub/Switch each would be needed in all the buildings to interconnect the group of cables from the different computers in each building. 

(iv) Firewall.

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