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While working in the Home Science lab you stained your white shirt. Which six general principles will you follow while removing the stain?

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Six general principles that I will follow while removing a stain from my white shirt are

  • The stain should be removed when it is fresh, as far as possible.
  • Identify the nature of stain so that an appropriate method to remove it can be used. 
  • If the stain is from an unknown source, the shirt should be first washed in cold water and then with detergent in hot water. In case the stain persists, the shirt should be bleached. 
  • Only dilute solution of chemical should be used to remove the stain so as to avoid damage to the shirt.
  • Acidic stains should be washed in alkaline solutions. 
  • The stain should be removed by rubbing the chemical in a circular motion with the hands from the backside of the shirt.

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