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Consider the following tables PATIENT and TEST and answer the questions that follow :

6473Amit Sharma91235689919 - JUN - 2017T102
7134Rose Mathew88674453612 - NOV - 2017T101
8786Tina Sharma Arora88908876506 - DEC - 2017T102
6477Vijay Shah71456744507 - DEC - 2017T502
7658Venkat Fazal86554534331 - DEC - 2017T101

Note : 

  • NAME holds the Names of patients. 
  • DTADMIT holds dates on which a patient was admitted to hospital. 
  • TESTID holds Ids of Medical tests done on patients.
T101Platelet Count200.00
T301Malaria Detection350.00
T502Glucose test150.00

Name the Primary keys in both the tables and foreign key in ‘PATIENT’ table. State the reason for your choice.

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Primary key in PATIENT and TEST tables are PCODE and TESTID respectively. Because primary key of a relational table uniquely identifies each record. 

Foreign key in PATIENT table is TESTID whose value is derived from the primary key (TESTID) of another table (TEST).

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