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“Laundering is a combination of cleaning and finishing.” Household method of laundering a white cotton shirt.

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Following are the methods of laundering a white cotton shirt. 

1. Preparation: Here, you have to firstly examine the white shirt for any tears, hole, dirt particles, stain etc. 

2. Steeping; Overnight soak the white shirt if it is very much dirty but if it is less dirty you can soak it for 1 hour. Do not soak the coloured garments with the white ones. 

3. Washing: We know that cotton is a strong fibre and it become more stronger when it is wet. Cotton is mainly washed by scrubbing or rubbing method. 

4. Rinsing: To remove the soap and other impurities rinse two or three time in clean, running tap water. 

5. Starching and Blueing: Blueing is done for white cotton shirts only. Both these processes are done in a combined way to save time. 

6. Drying: Shirt should be dried on hangers. 

7. Ironing: Cotton fabric should be ironed properly.

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