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State any five problems faced by consumers.

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Problems faced by consumers: 

A consumer faces many problems ranging from variation in price to malpractices followed by the shopkeepers. 

1. Variation in price: You may also find the price of some product vary from shop to shop. This always confuse a consumer whether he paid a right price for the product or the shopkeeper cheat him. At some shops the price of some commodities are higher than the others. 

It can be due to the following : 

• Shopkeeper is making high profit. 

• Consumers can pay high prices for those goods which are not easily available. 

2. Poor quality: One is often faced with such kind of problem of identifying a genuine product among the duplicate products. 

3. Adulteration: It indicates addition or removal of any substance from the original products in order to lower the quality of food stuff. 

4. Misleading advertisement: It is a forceful tool of persuading and influencing the judgement of the consumer. In advertisement, the product is so attractively advertised that the consumer gets confused to purchase that. 

5. Non-availability of goods: Sometimes the shopkeeper hoard commodity (ies) and create artificial shortage of that product. This result that the consumers have to pay more for that necessary things like rice, wheat, pulses. The consumers face a lot of difficulty in inconvenience.

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