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“It is always desirable that the kitchen should be well planned.” In this context discuss the Five important considerations in kitchen planning.

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While you are planning for a kitchen following consideration should be there : 

1. Aspect: It mean in which direction a kitchen should be. Mainly we should have to plan a kitchen in east or north east because by doing so we can get the early morning rays of the sun. 

2. Size: This is an important consideration which should always be in your mind while planning for a kitchen. A kitchen should always be large such that at a time two or three person can work. Size of the kitchen should be such enough that you can put all your accessories in the kitchen like as refrigerator, oven and other storage. 

3. Windows and Doors: For proper ventilation and proper circulation of air windows are necessory in the kitchen. 

4. Storage: Proper storage in a kitchen is very much essential. Shelves in the cupboards should be properly designed. Drawer should have movable dividers.

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