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“Adolescence is an emotionally trying period with an adolescent coping with rapid physiological changes.” In this context answer Any five common emotional problems faced by a adolescent.

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Adolescent mainly have a number of emotional problems. Adolescents must have learn to control and express their emotions in a very systematic and socially approved manner. If these emotions cannot be controlled they leads some major problems. 

1. Experiment with sex and drugs, (sexual abuse) 

2. Feelings of helplessness and low self-esteem. 

3. Eating disorders – Fear of becoming over weight. 

4. Jealously. 

5. Social acceptance – Adolescents do a lot of things out of the desire for the acceptance and approval of their friends and society. If we neglect a child the child feel frustrated, dejected and neglected. This is a problem for the adolescent. Hence, we should take care of it.

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