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“Meal planning includes food purchase, storage and meal preparation.” In this context explain the Classification of food on the basis of moisture content for the purpose of storage. Give two examples for each.

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Higher the moisture content greater the chances of food spoilage. 

On the basis of the moisture content food are classified into three categories : 

1. Perishable foods: These cannot be stored for more than 2-3 days under normal conditions. For example, Milk and milk products, meat etc. 

2. Semi perishable foods: Foods which do not require refrigeration, still have a limited shelf life. It can be stored for couple of weeks. For example, Cooking oil, butter, nuts, cheese etc. 

3. Non-perishable foods: These can be stored for a longer time as compared to perishable and semi-perishable foods. For example, cereals, pulses, sugar, coffee and salt constitute this group.

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