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Meal planning is an art which develops through inspiration and thought. In this context Write five major food groups classified on the body of nutrients.

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Food GroupNutrients Supplied
Cereals, Grains and products
Rice, Wheat, Ragi, Bajra, Maize, Jowar, Barley, Riceflackes, Wheat Flour
Energy, protien, Invisible fat, Vitamin-B1,Vitamin-B2, Folic acid, Iron, Fibre
Pulses and Legumes:
Bengal gram,Black gram green gram, Red gram, Lentil, Cowpea, Peas, Rajmah, Soyabeans, Bcans etc.
Energy, protein, Invisible fat, vitamin -B1, Vitamin- B2, Folic acid, calcium, Iron Fibre
Milk and Meat products
Milk, Curd, Skimmed MIlk, Cheese 
Meat : Chicken, liver, Fish, Egg, Meat
Protein Fat, vitamin -B2, Calcium Protien, Fat, vitamin- B2
Fruits and vegetables
Fruits :
Mango, Guava, Tomato, Papaya,Orange, Sweetlime,Watermelon
Carotenoids, vitamin-C, Fibre
Vegetables (Green leafy) : Amaranth spinach, Gogu, Drumstick leaves, coriander leaves, Mustard leaves, Fenugreek leavesInvisible  Fats, Carotenoids, Vitamin- B2,Folic acid, Calcium, Iron, Fibre
Other vegetables : Carrots, Bringal, capsicum, Beans, Onion, Drumstick,  Potatoes, cauliflower.Carotenoids Folic acid, calcium, Fibre
Fat and sugars
Fats :
Butte, Ghee, Hydrogenated oils, Cooking oils like Groundnut, mustard,  coconut
Sugars : sugar , jaggery
Energy, Fat, Esssential fatty acids


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