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Food is considered spoilt when it has undergone undesirable changes. In this context How should eggs and milk be stored at home to maintain their freshness for a longer period of time ?

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Storage of eggs1. Select eggs  are that are clean, fresh and large. Check freshness of eggs by 
- rough shell
- no sound when shaken
1. Never wash eggs before storing
2. Store eggs with pointed ends downwards.
3. Store in a cool place or in a basket in an airy room.
Storage of milk1. Select milk according  to quality needed
- Toned milk (no cream)
-  Full cream (Buffalo milk)
2. Check colour and state milk has sour taste and an unpleasant smell.
1. Boil milk and keep in a cool place, if there is no refrigerator, boil mil after every 5-6 hours to keep it free from germs.
2. Never mix old milk with fresh milk.

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