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What is the significance of ‘consumer aids ?’ Explain the role of any two of these aids.

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Consumer aids: 

Anything that helps and guides a consumer in selecting the product he wants to buy, is called a consumer aid. 

These aids help the consumer in wise selection of goods/services and also safeguards oneself against exploitation by sellers/manufacturers. 

Different Consumer aids: 

1. Labels: Information about the product may be given in the form of labels. These are supplied by the manufacturer of the product. These labels are printed on the packages. Sometimes these are pasted on the container. For example, label on jam bottles. Requisites of a good label are being listed below. 

• Name of the product 

• Brand name

• Trade mark 

• Manufacturer’s name and address 

• Standardization mark (FPO, ISI, AGMARK etc.) 

• Variety and quality 

• Ingredients ‘ 

• Preservatives used in case of processed food 

• Manufacture and Expiry date 

• Batch number 

2. Standard marks: Standardization marks indicate to a buyer that the product has been tested and found to be of good quality. Keeping the interest of consumers in mind, the government has undertaken various initiatives for keeping and upgrading the quality of the products. The Government operates certification schemes under which the standard marks are provided to the items. 

ISI – Mineral water, LPG cylinder, Pressure cooker, Biscuits etc. 

AGMARK – wheat Horn, ground spices etc. 

FPO – fruit juices, jams etc. 

Woolmark – woollen clothes.

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