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1. State any six responsibilities of an Umpire in a game of Hockey. 

2. Mention three situations when a penalty stroke is awarded.

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1. The six responsibilities of an umpire in the game of hockey are: 

1. Applies the rule of the game. 

2. Uphold a duty of care to the players by keeping the game safe. 

3. Has the authority to award penalty corner, penalty stroke or free hits. 

4. Records the scoring of goals and issuing of penalty cards to players. 

5. Ensures that the correct amount of time is allowed for the match. 

6. Ensures fair play throughout the game. 

2. Three situations when a penalty stroke is awarded are: 

1. intentional foul within the circle. 

2. foul preventing a probable goal. 

3. on breaking the line early at a penalty corner.

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