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Answer the following: 

1. The length and breadth of the Play field. 

2. The duration of the game for Men and Women players of Hockey.

   1. The weight of the ball. 

   2. The distance of the Penalty mark from       the Goal line. 

3. The dimension of the Goal Post and the Shooting Circle.

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1. Length of play field = 91.40 metres, 

Breadth of play field = 55 metres. 

2. Duration of the Game: 2 halves of 35 minutes (Men) 

2 halves of 30 minutes (Women) 

A half-time interval of 5 minutes for both men and woman players of Hockey. 

1. Weight of the ball = 156 -163 gms. 

2. Distance of penalty mark from the goal line = 6.4 metres. 

3. Dimension of the Goal Post = 12 Feet (3.66 metres) × 7 Feet (2.14 meters) 

Dimension of the Shooting Circle = 14.63 meters.

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