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(a) 1. When does the substitution of players take place in the game of Hockey? 

2. In the event of the ball going over a back line, how does the game resume? 

3. When is a free hit awarded to a defender and to an attacker? 

(b) List any six “Do nots” that players are to avoid during a game.

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1. Substitution is allowed at any time except during the penalty corner. The players can be substituted due to injury or as per the wish but not allowed for suspended players. At the time of penalty corner, only the player who is hurt or the defending goalkeeper can be substituted. 

2. If the ball goes over a back line, the game is restarted again by keeping the ball on the side line. 

3. A free hit is awarded to the team when: 

1. A defender commits an offence between 23 metres areas. 

2. An attacker commits an offence within 23 metres area from where their opponents are defending.

(b) The six “Do nots” that players are to avoid during a game are: 

1. Players must not use the stick in a dangerous way. 

2. They must not touch, handle or interfere with other players or their sticks or clothing. 

3. They must not intentionally raise the ball from a hit except for a shot at goal. 

4. Players must not delay the game to gain benefit by time wasting. 

5. Players must not tackle unless in a position to play the ball without body contact. 

6. They must not play the ball with the back of the stick.

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