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(a) Using graphs distinguish between change in supply and change in quantity supplied.

(b) Briefly explain any five rights stated in the Consumer Protection Act.

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Change in supply (Shift of supply curve)Change in quantity supplied (Movement along supply curve)
1. Either an increase or decrease in the supply of a commodity at a given price.Change in quantity supplied due to change in price of a commodity.
2. A leftward shift indicates a decrease in supply.Movement from left to right indicates expansion in supply.
3. A rightward shift indicates an increase in supply.

Movement from right to left indicates contraction in supply.

(b) The rights stated in the Consumer Protection Act are as follows: 

1. Right to safely: It implies the right to be protected against the marketing of such goods and services which are hazardous to our health and property. The goods and services purchased by any consumer should be safe. The producers should also strictly follow the safety rules and regulations while producing any goods or services. The consumer should preferably purchase branded products with ISI mark or Agmark or Hallmark. 

2. Right to be informed: It implies the right of any consumer to be informed about the quality, quantity, purity, standard and price of the product so as to protect him/her against unfair trade practices. 

3. Right to choose: It implies that a consumer has the right to choose from among the variety of goods and services available before him/her at a competitive price. 

4. Right to be heard: It implies that the interests of the consumers will receive due considerations at appropriate forums. Thus any consumer has the right to raise his/her voice against unfair and restrictive trade practices. It also includes the right to be represented in various forums formed to protect the interests of the consumers and increase consumer’s welfare. 

5. Right to seek redressal: It implies the right of any consumer to seek redressal of his/her grievances against unfair trade practices or unscrupulous exploitation of consumers, by the traders. He/she also preserves the right to seek compensation for the damage (physical or mental) caused by the unfair trade practice.

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