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(a) Identify the forms of capital given below. Give reasons for your answer. 1. Steel 2. Government Bonds.

(b) Mention any two sources of non-tax revenue of the Central Government in India. 

(c) How does an improvement in production technology, influence the supply curve of a firm? 

(d) Give the expanded form of COPRA and RTI.

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1. Steel is concrete capital. It includes all that property, which is in the hands of both producers and consumers and has money value. 

2. Government Bonds is a debt capital which represents the invested funds which yield income. All investments made in shares, stocks, Government securities, etc. which help the investors to earn income are called debt capital. 

(b) Non-tax sources of revenue of Central Government are as follows: 

1. Commercial revenues: They are the prices received by the government for services or goods supplied by it. 

2. Gifts and Grants: They are contributions made by individuals, private organisations and foreign governments to the government.

(c) If some improved or better technology is used for the production of a commodity, it reduces its cost of production and increases the supply. Therefore, improvement in technology shifts the supply curve to the right as shown in the fig.


COPRA—Consumer Protection Act 

RTI—Right to Information

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