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Different techniques were developed by Taylor to facilitate principles of scientific management. One of the technique suggests that each worker should be supervised by different specialists in different phases of his job. Identify the technique and explain it.

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The technique of scientific management discussed in above case is functional foremanship. Under the scientific management, there should be specialisation in the administrative and organisa- tidnal set-up of the plan. For this, Taylor suggested functional foremanship. In this way, a worker is supervised by several specialist foremen. 

This is shown in following figure :

Following are the features of functional foremanship : 

1. Functional foremanship is a technique which aims to improve the quality of supervision at shop floor. 2. Taylor identified a list of qualities of good foreman or a supervisor. Since all the qualities could not be found in a single person, Taylor proposed eight specialists. 

3. In this technique, planning is separated from execution. 

4. It is an extension of the principle of division of work and specialisation.

5. Taylor suggested four foremen for planning and four foremen for execution. The four foremen for planning were route clerk, instruction card clerk, time and cost clerk and disciplinarian clerk and four foremen for execution were gang boss, speed boss, maintenance foreman and inspector.

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