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Joseph Bros, was a firm manufacturing jute lamp shades. It uses left over jute pieces from various jute factories to manufacture economical lamp shades which are supplied to various hotels in nearby towns. It employs men and women from nearby villages as workers for creating good lamp shade designs. Joseph Bros, is not able to meet its targets. Namish, the supervisor of the company, was told to analyse the reasons for the poor performance. Namish found following problems and suggested certain solutions in the working of the business. The number of workers employed was less than what was required for the work. As a result, the existing workers were overburdened. The firm decided to search for new workers and it asked the present employees to introduce candidates or recommend their friends and relatives to the firm. This enabled the firm in “putting people to jobs” and assured attainment of objectives according to plans. 

1. Identify the functions of management being performed by the firm in the above situation. 

2. Name the concept and its source used by the firm to attract more workers for the firm. 

3. State any two merits of the source identified in

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(1) In the given situation, following functions of management are being performed by the firm: 

  • Staffing,
  • Controlling.

(2) Recruitment is the concept used by the firm to attract more workers for the firm. Joseph Bros, is relying on recommendations of employees of external sources of recruitment.

(3) Following are the merits of external sources of recruitment :

  • Wider choice – When an organisation adopts external sources of recruitment, it gets an opportunity to make selection among the large number of candidates. Thus, management has a wider choice.
  • Fresh talent – When vacancies are advertised widely, a large number of applicants from outside the organisation apply. As a result, organisation gets fresh talents and new blood available outside the organisation.
  • Competitive spirit – When an organisation uses external sources of recruitment, existing employees will have to compete with the outsiders. This promotes competitive spirit in the organisation.

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