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Nutan Tiffin Box Service was started in Mumbai by Mumbai Dabbawalas. The Dabbawalas who are the soul of entire Mumbai aim to provide prompt and efficient services by providing tasty homemade tiffin to all office goers at right time and place. The service is uninterrupted even on the days of bad weather, political unrest and social disturbances. Recently they have started online booking system through their website ‘mydabbawala.com’. Owing to their tremendous popularity amongst the happy and satisfied customers and members, the dabbawalas were invited as guest lecturers by top business schools. The Dabbawalas operate in a group of 25 – 30 people along with a group leader. Each group teams up with other groups in order to deliver the tiffin on time. They are not transferred on frequent basis as they have to remember the addresses of their customers. They follow certain rules while doing trade – No alcohol during working hours; No leave without permission; Wearing of white cap & carrying ID cards during business hours. 

Further, employees are encouraged to develop and carryout their plans for improvements in the activities of the organisation. Recently on the suggestion of a few self-motivated fellow men, the dabbawalas thought out and executed a plan of providing food left in tiffins by customers to slum children. They have instructed their customers to place red sticker if food is left in the tiffin, to be fed to poor children later. 

State the principles of management given by Fayol and one characteristic of management mentioned in the above case.

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(i) Principle of Discipline – Discipline in the context of management means obedi¬ence, proper conduct in relation to others and complying with the rules and regulations of the organisation. Smooth running of business requires discipline. Discipline is required not only on the part of workers but also on the part of management. It is facilitated if there are good supervisors at all levels, rules are clear, and penalties are imposed with fairness. The positive effect of principle of discipline is to ensure smooth running of business. 

(ii) Initiative – Initiative is the power of thinking out a plan and ensuring its successful implementation. It stimulates human endeavour. In other words, initiative means eagerness to initiate action without being asked to do so. Employees at all levels should be allowed to take initiative in work related matters. In an organisation, initiative on the part of its employees can become a great source of strength for it. One of the characteristics of management mentioned in the given para is that management is a group activity. 

(iii) Management is a group activity – Management comes into picture where groups of persons are involved in working towards a common objective. Where a single individual works for his individual goals, management has no role to play

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