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Aman a degreeholder in Entrepreneurship came to know about Piplantri Village located in Rajasthan, where in 2006 an initiative was started, in which 111 trees are planted every time a girl child is born. To keep termites away from the trees the villagers have planted 2.5 million Aloe Vera plants around the trees. This has turned the village into an oasis, as the planting of trees led to higher water levels. Aman decided to visit the village to start a business unit, for the processing and marketing of Aloe Vera into juices, gels and other products. However, on visiting the village Aman found that the villagers were suffering exploitation at the hands of local merchants who were engaged in unscrupulous, exploitative trade practices like hoarding and black marketing of food products and also selling unsafe, adulterated products ‘ to the villagers. After looking at their plight instead of a business organisation he decided to set up an organisation for the protection and promotion of the consumer interest of the villagers. 

State the functions that the organisation established by Aman will be performing.

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Aman has set up a non-government organisation (NGO) for the protection and promotion of the consumer interest. 

Such organisation will perform following functions : 

1. Awareness – Consumer organisations and NGOs educate the general public about consumer rights by organising training programmes, seminars and workshops. 

2. Publications – Consumer organisations publish periodicals, brochures, journals etc. to impart knowledge about consumer problems, legal reporting, reliefs available etc. 

3. Testing – Consumer organisations and NGOs carryout comparative testing of consumer products in laboratories and publish the test results for the benefit of consumers. 

4. Legal assistance – Consumer organisations and NGOs provide legal assistance to consumers for seeking legal remedy.

5. Filing of suits – Consumer organisations file complaints in consumer courts on behalf of consumers and on their own for the interest of general public. 

6. Protest – Consumer organisations and NGOs organise protests against the various mal-practices such as price rigging, adulteration, sale of hazardous products, hoarding and black marketing.

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