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Explain the importance and role of concept common but differentiated pertaining to environment.

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Compromise and accommodation are the two essential policies to Save Planet Earth by the states but the states from North and South have different notions towards environmental issues: 

1. The Northern States (Developed) are concerned with Ozone depletion and global warming whereas Southern States (Developing) want to address the relationship between economic development and environmental management. 

2. The developed countries of the North want to discuss the environmental issues which stands equally responsible for ecological conservation. 

3. The developing countries of the South feel that much of the ecological degradation in the world is created by developed countries through their industrial projects. 

4. And if developed countries cause more environmental degradation they are supposed to take more responsibility on wards. 

5. The developing countries are under process of industrialization and they should be exempted from restrictions imposed on developed countries through various conventions like Kyoto Protocol etc. 

6. The special needs of developing countries must be taken into considerations in the process of development, application and interpretation of rules of International Environmental Law. 

All the above mentioned provisions were accepted in Earth Summit, 1992 while adopting common but differentiated responsibilities.

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