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Write a short note on: 

(1) Garibi Hatao 

(2) Indira Hatao 

(3) Grand Alliance

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1. Garibi Hatao 

• A slogan given by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1970 to symbolise removal of poverty. 

• Through this slogan, Indira Gandhi generated a support base among women, unemployed youth, minorities, landless labourers, dalits, etc. 

2. Indira Hatao 

A slogan given by Grand Alliance alongwith one programme of‘Indira Hatao’ only i.e. remove Indira Gandhi from Political arena. 

3. Grand Alliance 

• An alliance formed by non-communist and non-Congress parties to be formed against Congress (R). 

• It did not focus on multiple strategies of development rather included only ‘Indira Hatao’.

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