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Differentiate between party based movements and non-party based movements.

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1. Party based movements are supported by political parties (Trade Union Movement in Kolkata, Kanpur, Bombay, etc.) These movements did not participate in elections formally. And yet they retained connections with political parties, as many participants in these movements, as individuals and as organisations, were actively associated with parties. These links ensured a better representations of the demands of diverse social sections in party politics. 

2. Non-party based movements involve a mass-mobilisation which remain outside party politics (Students and youth from different sections merge themselves). Due to the voluntary nature of their social work, many of these organisations came to be known as voluntary organisations or voluntary sector organisations which chose to remain outside party politics. They did not contest elections at the local or regional level nor did they support any one political party. Most of these groups believed in politics and wanted to participate in it, but not through political parties.

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