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Describe India-China relations from 1947 to 1962.

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The relations with China experience friendly gestures from India as India signed popular ‘Panchsheel’ to develop Indo-China relations in 1954 and advocated China’s membership to the United Nations. Still, after 1957, various contentious issues arose in Indo-China relations: 

• In 1962, military conflict over a border dispute of MacMohan Line resulted an unwarranted claim by China which now lie in Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin region of Ladakh.

• Differences arose from Chinese take over of Tibet in 1950 which was protested by India against China. 

• After Panchsheel, attack by China on India in 1962, to occupy larger territories of India, created humiliation. 

• China’s assistance to Pakistan’s nuclear programme also created differences. 

• China’s military relations with Bangladesh and Myanmar were viewed as hostile to Indian interests. 

All the above mentioned differences/disputes could be resolved for greater cooperation- 

• Both the countries should make some more efforts to revive harmonious attitude between themselves.

• Both the countries should move hand-in-hand to fight against terrorism, nuclear race and economic disparities. 

• Both the countries should develop understanding and respect. 

• Hence, both of them have signed agreements on cultural exchange and cooperation in science and technology.

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