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Examine the conditions responsible for the growth of Naxalite Movement in India. Suggest ways and means to crush it.

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Conditions responsible for the growth of Naxalite Movement in India: A peasant uprising took place in the Naxalbari police station area of Darjeeling hills district in West Bengal in 1967. This movement spread very fast to several states and was known as the Naxalite movement. A new party known as the CPI-ML was formed under the leadership of Charu Majumdar. Presently, 83 districts across 10 states (as of July 2011) are affected by Naxalite violence. Most of these are backward areas inhabited by Adivasis. In these areas, the share croppers, under-tenants and small cultivators are denied their basic rights with regard to security to tenure or their share in produce, payment of fair wages, etc. Forced labour, expropriation of resource by outsiders and exploitation by money lenders are also common in these areas. These conditions led to the growth of the Naxalite movement.

Ways and means‘to crush the Naxalite Movement: 

The Naxalite movement (peasant uprising) started in the Naxalite police station, area of Darjeeling hills district in West Bengal in 1967. The West Bengal government used preventive detention and other strong measures to crush the movement. However, the movement did not stop.

Successive governments have taken various measures to crush the Naxalite movement. So far, thousands of people have lost their lives in the unabated violence by the Naxalites and the anti-Naxalite violence by the government.

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