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Read the passage given above carefully and answers the following questions: 

Globalisation does not always reduce state capacity. The primacy of the state continues to be unchallenged basis of political community. The old jealousies and rivalries between countries have not ceased to matter in world politics. The state continues to discharge its essential functions (law and order, national security) and consciously withdraws from certain domains from which it wishes to. States continue to be important. Indeed, in some respects state capacity has received a boost as a consequence of globalisation, with enhanced technologies available at the disposal of the state to collect information about its citizens. 

(i) What are the two most essential functions of the state? 

(ii) How do enhanced technologies enable the state to rule better? 

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(i). Essential functions of state: 

• Law and order 

• National security 

• With the help of enhanced technologies, state can collect information about its citizens. 

• With this information, the state is better able to rule.

• Thus, the states become more powerful than they were earlier. 

(ii). Flow of capital from rich countries enables the developing countries to invest in most wanted fields to make their country self-dependent.

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