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Why was the end of the Second World War considered to be the beginning of Cold War? Explain.

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The end of the Second World War is a landmark in contemporary world politics. The war included all the major powers of the world and spread out to South-East Asia, China, Myanmar and parts of North-East India.

The Second World War ended and Cold War began when the US dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in diplomatic manner, causing Japan to surrender. Critics of the US decision to drop the bombs have argued that the US knew that Japan was about to surrender and that it was unnecessary to drop the bombs. They suggest that the US action was intended to stop the Soviet Union from making military and political gains in Asia and elsewhere and to show Moscow that the United States was supreme. US supporters have argued that the dropping of the atomic bombs was necessary to end the war quickly and to stop further loss of American and Allied lives.

Whatever the motives, the consequence of the end of the Second World War was the rise of two new powers on the global stage. With the defeat of Germany and Japan, the devastation of Europe and in many other parts of the world, the United States and the Soviet Union became the greatest powers in the world with the ability to influence events anywhere on the earth.

While the Cold War was an outcome of the emergence of the US and the USSR as two superpowers rival to each other, it was also rooted in the understanding that the destruction caused by the use of atom bombs is too costly for any country to bear. The logic is simple yet powerful. When two rival powers are in possession of nuclear weapons capable of inflicting death and destruction unacceptable to each other, a full-fledged war is unlikely. Therefore, the backdrop of the end of Second World War led to the beginning of Cold War.

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