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“Resistance is the only option available to overcome the hegemony.” Justify the statement by comparing it to other anti hegemony strategies.

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Bandwagon Strategy : 

1. The best way to resist hegemony is to work with other than against the hegemony. So, instead of engaging in activities opposed to hegemonic power, it may be to extract benefits by operating within the hegemonic system. 

2. Another strategy named ‘Hide’ implies staying away from the dominant power as far as possible. All the big powers like China, Russia, the European Union are seeking to stay below the radar but this cannot go on for a long time. 

3. Some people believe that resistance to the US hegemony is the only solution but not from states who are unable to face the hegemony. 

4. Therefore, challenges to the US hegemony will emerge in the economic and cultural realms and will come from a contribution of Non-governmental Organizations social movements and public opinion. 

5. Resistance may be from the section of media and intellectuals, artists and writers.

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