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My father was facing age-related health problems, specially high blood sugar, obesity and hypertension etc. I discussed with my physical education teacher my fathers’ problem because once he had discussed this topic in my class. He told me that he will meet my father at home. He came and suggested my father to start regular exercise or walking for atleast one hour. My father started regular walking. After few months his above mentioned problems reduced dramatically. On the basis of the above passage, answer the following questions. 

(i) What values are shown by the physical education teacher and the son? 

(ii) State common age-related health problems? 

(iii) Does physical activity help in maintaining functional fitness of aged population? Explain in brief.

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(i). The Son is very caring. The physical education teaches is very helpful to people. 

(ii). High blood sugar, obesity and hypertension are common age-related health problems. 

(iii). Yes, the son’s father followed the physical education teacher’s advice. After some months he was able to reduce old age-related health problems like high blood sugar, obesity and hypertension to a great extent.

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